The “Real” Twilight Tour….

Don’t Make the Mistake We Made in Forks!

Dear Twilight Fan,

Have you ever been let down after being super duper excited?

Don’t let our story be your story when you visit Forks…

My brother and I and three children, visited Forks this summer of 2010. In our excitement, the first thing we wanted to do was see all the twilight locations right away! So we did what any other tourist would do..

  • We spent time driving through town looking for Twilight signs
  • We frustratingly searched very slow internet access for Twilight Tours in Forks
  • We wasted time scanning a brochure display for Twilight Tour brochures….and…and, well you know how frustrated you can be by now!

To our dismay, our choices were limited to choosing a professional tour guide. We didn’t come all the way to Forks to not see Twilight locations, so we forked out the $200 for our group of 5 and took a quick 2 hour tour consisting of 10 Twilight locations. (We actually had a pretty cool tour guide, however!)
But still not where we wanted to spend $200.

So, we extended our stay and did some research and gathered our own information:

  • We talked to locals in the City of Forks…
  • We contacted business owners in Forks…
  • We spoke to other tourists…
  • We chatted with native Quileute’s on the reservation…
  • And we visited the Chamber of Commerce for more information

Guess what we discovered! There are actually 24 Twilight locations in the area! No one has bothered to do the research and the leg work to put them all together, organized them in order, complete with directions from one location to the next, photos to clarify you are in the right place and story line to help you remember the significance of the locations!

Imagine our excitement as we explored all 24 locations!

  • The Infamous “The City of Forks Welcomes You” Sign
  • The Lodge – Bella and Charlies’ Hang Out
  • Three Rivers Store – Jacob and Pack Stomping Grounds
  • Forks High School
  • Forks City Hall and Police Station – Where Charlie Works
  • The Cullen’s Home
  • Forks Community Hospital – Where Dr. Cullens Works
  • Home of the Swans
  • Bella’s Red Truck
  • Thriftway-Hardware Store – Where Bella and Mike Works
  • Russell Road – Where Bella Discovers “the” Motorcycle
  • The Treaty Line
  • La Push Beach
  • Jacob Black’s Home
  • La Push Fishing Marina – Billy and Charlie Fishing Place
  • Lonesome Creek Store – Main Store of Reservation
  • Bonus: Exclusive Surprise Location
  • Bonus: Exclusive Surprise Location
  • Bonus: Exclusive Surprise Location

Better yet, we enjoyed it at our own pace, and in the comfort of our own car. We have plenty of pictures and made lots of new memories! We are happy campers!  (If you prefer we even have it available in MP3′s for you to download and play in your car as you drive!

We had so much fun and found out so much about the area and about exclusive twilight spots that we extedned our two day stay to 10 days to create “The Real Twilight Tour: and share it with other Twilight Fan travelers! So, we spent over a week putting together this very detailed tour just for you.

  • A step by step guide to each location, from the previous location!
  • Colorful Photos to help clarify that you are in the right spot…
  • Story lines to help you remember the significance of the places you’ll visit..
  • GPS Coordinates for each location!
  • 22 Pages of Detailed Instructions
  • The ONLY tour with 24 locations! (Some are exclusive!)
  • MP3 downloads for all of Forks Locations and portions of La Push
  • And a Guarantee That You Can’t Get Lost!

So, if you are coming to Forks, or just a Twi-Hard Fan, save some money, save some time and get
your copy of “The Real Twilight Tour Guide” today for only $17.99 – An affordable price that barely makes a dent in your travel expenses and allows left over money for shopping, lunch and a relaxing day in the mystical world of Twilight in Forks!

Purchase Your Downloadable “The Real Twilight Tour Guide” Today for only $17.99!

PS. The only tour in town that takes you to 24 locations from the comfort of your own car!

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